Ugly Shoe 4

20 07 2009

We’re traveling back in time for this edition of our Ugly Shoe. We’re taking it back to the 1970s, but we’ve accidentally tripped in the 80’s or something. Something went horribly wrong with this shoe. The intention probably started out as a 70s looking lace-up platform, which although is terribly out of date, at least is a legit type of shoe. But then someone had the idea to put in a peep toe, use a bizarrely narrow heel, and don’t even get me started on the color/print…


Penny Loves Kenny Zen Reptile Peep Toe Oxford, $49.94

Penny Loves Kenny Zen Reptile Peep Toe Oxford, $49.94

…(Too late.) The unfortunate material this shoe is made of is a snake skin gone wrong. It’s like a rare form of some Halloween Snake has been skinned. Whoever had the bright idea (literally! ha) to make an orange shoe, was not thinking right. When was the last time the combination of orange and snake skin worked well together?


Bizarrely narrow heel

Bizarrely narrow heel

Granted, the shoe’s color is listed as “Brown” so there might be hope in this not looking like a bad 70s Halloween. But the heel looks like a genuine brown wood color, and the snakeskin sure looks not-the-same-color to me…

But still, the fact that an out-of-date shoe was  used, is a recipe for disaster. Adding the open toe did not help to possibly modernize(?) the look. I can not imagine this shoe looking good with any outfit. 

At least it’s not too expensive so that in the unfortunate case this is ever purchased (and for some awful reason it could not be returned…probably the store wouldn’t want it back), the purchaser wouldn’t feel too terrible for making the purchase. (Actually, I’d just feel bad enough if I wasted my money on these. That would/should be punishment enough.)



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