Metro Sickness

14 07 2009

There was so much drama on the Metro this morning and I got to be a first-hand witness, too, which was so very exciting. You know, I always like to report on drama on the Metro and this morning on the Red Line was no exception.

When I got on the Metro this morning it was just before eight. As the train stopped in front of me, I hesitated into walking slightly over to the front of the car  next to the one by me, but instead I followed a good looking guy into the back of the car which was before me. The train cars were slightly crowded and I was not looking forward to standing and holding onto the railing on the ceiling on my way into work. I took a spot towards the end of the car near the doors and settled in for the long haul.

Everything was going swell until we hit the Woodley Park/Adams Morgan/National Zoo stop. Once we had arrived at the stop, I noticed some commotion over at some seats, just a few feet from me. Someone had pressed the emergency call button and told the conductor that there was a person on board who needed assistance. A few moments later there was announcement made to the train saying that we would have to hold momentarily due to a “sick person on the train.” (I was so excited to be on the car with the drama!) 

The train was stopped and a few people on board with me, stood in the doorway  of our car, flagging the train conductor/cop down to where the drama was occurring. The conductor came into the train car and the crowd around what was happening thinned out a bit. I could see an attractive, black lady in her 30-40’s sliding down her seat. It seemed like it was something like a heat stroke/asthma attack/fainting/or giving birth. Not quite sure what was happening, but I did see the officer man crouch down next to her and ask her a few questions. The lady was quietly answering him and nodding her head so she was conscious. A random passenger who was near her, helped the officer man walk the lady off the train and they sat her down on a nearby bench on the station platform.

Shortly thereafter, we heard the train’s, “Doors closing!” announcement and we left the station, leaving the random stranger attending to the sick passenger. That was the last we heard of that as we continued on our commute into the city.

All in all, it was pretty exciting. I was pretty glad I got on the train that I did, and not onto the car behind. In past Metro incidents similar to this, I’ve been on the same train in a further away car, or the train behind a train in trouble, but never before the actual car in which the drama is taking place. What a morning!




2 responses

14 07 2009

Just goes to show that following the cute guy is always the right decision.

14 07 2009

I knew it was more than just a gut instinct!

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