Where To Look On The Metro?

9 07 2009

I have a problem. Whenever I’m on a Metro train, I don’t know what to do with my eyes. I don’t know where to look. This is especially a problem on crowded trains, where everyone’s standing in a close space. If you don’t have the fortunate distraction of a book or newspaper to read, then where are you supposed to look? (Some people with their various MP3 players can also resort to looking down at their tiny screens.)

Maybe it’s just me, but I have found that the most successful place to look is off into space. However, it becomes increasingly difficult when that empty space because filled to the brim with passengers. A blank stare into space can turn into unexpected and awkward eye contact if you’re not careful. 

Sometimes this awkward eye contact can be friendly, though. If something catches my attention on the Metro (such as a train delay or a cute baby or unruly passenger) I am usually not the only one who notices this. If another person observes such an occurrence, then often times, we share a smile or a laugh. But even that small gesture of a shared experience doesn’t last long. Just because you share a wink/smile/laugh with a stranger, does not mean it will last long enough for your train ride. *And while you may have just bonded with a stranger, that could cause an even more awkward situation, where both of you are too shy to further any friendliness to a complete stranger and it just becomes a cliche “one of those moments.”

So back to the conflict of where to look on the Metro… Sometimes I am lucky enough to be riding near a good looking guy, and I am lucky enough to catch a glimpse (or stare) at that eye candy. Yet this is an especially tricky maneuver to do, because you have to make sure the “target” does not catch you staring. If that does happen, you are bound to be caught up in the situation in the paragraph before this.* Awkward!

Also, in a packed crowd, one might think that an easy solution is to simply look down at your feet. But let me tell you, that option is not always available! Sometimes sardine-packed passengers can only look forward. Looking down somehow takes up more space, with your head pointing downwards. So this really is an “overlooked” dilemma on the Metro!




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9 07 2009

I look everyone in the eye, I’m cool like that.

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