Ugly Shoe 3

8 07 2009

This folks, might be the shoe that inspired the Ugly Shoe documentation series. It was puke at first site. There is way too much going on in this shoe to make it appealing.

You’ve got the assorted small confetti-like flowers drowning in peanut butter Tan, and an odd ruffled purple ribbon that adorns the foot opening, and an odd, pink painted cork heel. The heel itself, is enough to make you want to completely trash this creation.  I’m not sure if the flowery patterned fabric could stand on its own, but I’m leaning towards no. The purple and pink details also don’t help this atrocity, because those colors are not actually found in the patterned fabric. Also, this open-toe design probably is even more unnecessary detail that does not help this shoe. (Especially if you assume that most people who wear sandals or other open-toed shoes, choose to paint their toenails. That’s ok, but the extra color added to this shoe would add to it’s ugliness.

Poetic Licence Saucy Platform Pump, $99.95

Poetic Licence Saucy Platform Pump, $99.95

(another view)

(another view)


 Even for DSW, the price is a steep almost $100. I’m hoping the high price (among other things) help contribute to making people not want to buy this product fail. I also question why this is referred to as a “Platform” style. Is it just me, or is this more along what you think of, when you hear the term Platform Shoe:


Yes, those are Game Boys in the platforms!

Or, the more tame version of a Platform

Any way you look at it, the “Saucy Platform Pump” is full of all things wrong. The only sauce this shoe has, is a generous helping of Ugly Sauce.




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9 07 2009
Pretty Robotic

you’re so right about these!

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