The First Night

7 07 2009

Last night was my first night in the new apartment. My family came over to see my place, brought me some dinner (a nice surprise!) and helped me organize my room. Normally, their interfering help overwhelms me as they bombard into my life, but last night it was nice to have them around to ease with the transition. Earlier in the day, the window in my room was open, but my mom had asked for me to try out the air conditioning, so the window was closed and my room quickly became pretty cold. (On a side note, I have been unable to open the window, and I’m not sure how the window was opened when I was moving in. I have yet to figure out how to open the window again.)

Once my family clan had gone, it was just me and one of my roommates around. She and I were making some awkward small talk as she showed me some things around the apartment, when she asked me if I would like some wine. She pulled out a bottle from the near-capacity fridge, and although I wasn’t really in the mood, I let her pour me a glass. I figured that the alcohol would ease the awkwardness of my first night, and we soon bonded over the wine. We talked for an hour or two about everything under the sun (or in our case, the full moon that was out). We warmed up to each other which was good, especially since I’m so shy and quiet.

I finally looked at my watch and it was already 11PM. I had to make my lunch for work and get back to the unpacking I had procrastinated. Midnight came and went, and I tried to get comfortable in the new bed that had arrived earlier that day. My room was cold from the air conditioning, as I tried to snuggle under the light blanket I had used in college, years before.

I wish I could say I had a wacky dream of living in the new place, but sadly, I did not. I slept soundly, and as usual, had trouble getting out of bed for work this morning.

Here are some things I have been thinking about for the new place:

  1. I need some wall decorations stat. But which route do I take? Do I put up my fabulous posters from my years in college or do I take a more grown-up approach and hang framed things on the walls? (Note, I can not go putting many holes in the walls, according to the lease, and there are already a number of nails in the walls in not-too-convenient spots.) I have a few tapestries I can hang as well. Does this mean I have to resort to using the ever-sturdy, but also obvious-showing, Painter’s Tape? 
  2. Since there is no overhead ceiling light, I have resorted to using many different mis-matched lamps around my room’s perimeter. (I had joked that the only thing missing in the room, is a Disco Ball hanging from the ceiling…that way all the light would be reflected and fill up the space!)
  3. My bed butts right up against the wall with a window, which has vertical blinds that come down almost to my pillow. It’s awkward. I’m not normally a fan of headboards, and I didn’t really think I needed one until now. Maybe I can live without one, though, and just scoot my body down the bed…
  4. When I scoot my body down my bed, my toes go over the edge. Awkward. I didn’t think I was that tall, but then again, I am not using the top quarter of the bed in that situation.
  5. I am currently using two cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other, as a table. I am so classy.
  6. I calculated that it takes me exactly seven minutes to walk from the apartment to the Metro and vice versa. 
  7. I had a very interesting trip to the Giant grocery store after work yesterday. The store is set up completely different than all of the other Giants I’ve been in. But I was so happy to see good looking twenty-somethings like me shopping. I think I’m going to like this grocery store eye candy…



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