Recipe For One Adult

6 07 2009

How to make one (1) Adult:

1. Combine in a small bowl:

1 Cup Full-Time job

1 Cup Independent Living (can use a Group House, an Apartment, or something similar. Do not confuse for Living With Parents.)

2. Stir until there are no clumps and it is an even mixture. 

3. Add to the mixture:

2 Tablespoons Decent Salary

3 Teaspoons of Confidence 

1 Teaspoon of Motivation 

4.  Spread into a large pan and chill to preference.

5.  Top with a generous spoonful of Courage. 

Serves one.


Well folks, it’s official. I am a true-blood Adult. I moved into my new apartment this morning at the crack of 8AM. My wonderfully helpful brother helped me move my stuff in and figure out the small, but important things such as where the loading dock is and how to get the TV/VCR (yeah, not a DVD player, as that’s what my computer is for!) and my many lamps to work.

Everything is moved in and is 80% organized. I have to say, it was pretty impressive that (aside from the mattress delivery), the two of us were able to move everything into my room in under an hour. The room layout is a tad odd though, because I have practically everything I own, lined along one wall. The other long wall parallel to that, has my bed and a few, small other things. It makes my room look very one-side-heavy. But hopefully I can move some things around tonight and even out the “Feng Shui”.

There are a few things though, that I wish I could fix. One, there is no overhead ceiling light in my room, or for that matter, in most of the apartment. Two, my closet: there are racks and shelves pre-set up in the space and the construction looks very unstable. The inclusion of the complicated pattern of racks, shelves, and bars creates a structured space that seems to hold far less than an open, clutter-free closet. I tried to fit my laundry hamper in the closet, too, and it only fits at an odd, diagonal angle, in which the hamper doesn’t quite sit completely on the floor and will probably be very difficult to move in and out of the closet in order to do laundry.

Other than that, the room is plenty spacious. To answer the question I keep hearing from many of you: yes, I will be sleeping there tonight. I will be sleeping there for the majority of the next year, so why not get started now?

After work, I need to go grocery shopping, and figure out what to do for dinner. I’m so tempted to just go to a restaurant because it would be so much easier, and really anything I can do to prolong any “adult responsibilities” (like cooking/preparing food) would be ideal. Because, let’s be honest, while I do seem to be an Adult and I have fit the “Adult Jello Mold,” I still feel like a kid at heart, who in Peter Pan’s world, believes, “I won’t grow up!”


(Mary Martin as Peter Pan) "I won't grow up!"

(Mary Martin as Peter Pan) "I won't grow up!"







5 responses

6 07 2009

Congrats- welcome to the real world, next stop: Quarter Life Crisis.

6 07 2009

its true Mary Martin was the best!

7 07 2009

When you typed “Adult Jello mold,” I don’t think you want to know what that made me think of. 🙂

7 07 2009


7 07 2010
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