Missing Person

2 07 2009

Missing: Female probably in her teens, tan skin, long, straight brown hair, unhealthily thin, abnormally large head that looks unbalanced compared to the rest of the body; the face has a large jaw and large brown eyes.

Like having a song stuck in your head, I have a face stuck in my head (ew, not literally, that would be weird!). I saw a girl as described above, on the Metro a month or so ago, and while our chance encounter was brief, this stranger made a very big impact on my memory. She kind of looked like a sickly, female version of Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith).

Her eyes seemed too big for her head, which in turn seemed too big for her body.  Her hands seemed abnormally large and long, too. And as I tried to keep from staring at this clearly anorexic girl, I could see that the others on the Metro train were staring at this girl’s odd appearance too. I wish I could see this girl again, just for another glimpse at this abnormal physical appearance. 

I tried to draw her from memory, but the drawing does her no justice. She looks relatively normal in my drawing, because I was unable to capture her odd body. (Also, I could not get the drawing program to cooperate in the short time period I had. Sorry. I’ll try to fix the picture later.)

Picture 2




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29 07 2010
Missing Person Part 2! « C.A.P.S.love.

[…] in my blog about a very distinctive person I had seen n the Metro. For a reference, check it out here. The girl looked younger than me and was very, very thin. She was riding the Metro’s Red Line […]

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