Coraline On The Metro

30 06 2009

Moving ads on the Metro is a pretty cool thing. I’ve only seen two and both times they have been for a movie. The last one was for he movie, “Speed Racer.” Moving ads in the Metro are like a short commercial while riding the train and are shown in the tunnel between stops. From what I  understand about them, they are made like a giant flipbook of images projected onto the tunnel wall. When the train moves past at a high speed, the images come together. This method of animation is actually how the early stages of animation in history began.

A moving advertisement for the Tim Burton movie, “Coraline” was installed in the short tunnel on the Red Line between the Metro Center and Gallery Place/Chinatown stops. When the ad was first installed, back in maybe January, it was really cool to watch, while zooming by. At the end of the ad, it says the date the movie will be released, “February 2009.”  It’s almost July ’09, and the ad still has not been taken down. The “Speed Racer” ad was removed promptly, less than a month after it was in the theaters.

I understand that especially now, the Metro is using all of its money to take care of the derailment Metro incident of this month, which I would not argue. But the Metro definitely should have taken down this advertisement a while back. I’ve basically got the little commercial memorized, and the charm and surprise of seeing it has been worn off for a long time. It’s probably just a waste of money at this point, to keep showing it.




One response

30 06 2009

hopefully they sold that space as advertising and its not costing them anything

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