Kickball Relationships

29 06 2009

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Something I’ve found through playing on a Washington area kickball team for the past three seasons (two years) is that one of the most difficult and important things you learn is how to maintain relationships with the opposite sex. (I’d mention homosexual relationships too, but I am unaware of any/many gays who play in my kickball division.)

A common situation you find in kickball is that many of the teammates tend to date each other. It’s one, big, “incest-kickball-family.” There is dating of fellow teammates as well as dating between teams. Kickball teams and the bonds created through this community are a very easy way to meet peers who share interests. One thing I’ve come to learn about all this, is that for us, “adults,” this social network teaches how to interact with not only people in general, but how to react in times of potential dating relationships.

One of the biggest aspects in my kickball league is the drinking of copious amounts of alcohol. And many times, drinking alcohol will lead to flirting. And flirting tends to lead to dating/relationships. In the kickball world, you learn to handle jealousy, random/drunken hook-ups, dealing with seeing ex’s, awkwardness, and yes, even engagements and marriage. Plus, since the kickball community is so tightly knit, once you are dating someone through kickball, at the least, your team will know about it. This is useful to know for any repercussions caused by the relationship. 

Something I have learned is that kickball relationships can be very “cut-throat.” People can get selfish at times, thinking only about what’s best for them, without paying enough regard to the feelings of their peers. Not only can this damage the relationship between the peers on a friendship level, but it also make playing the kickball sport more uncomfortable. And while some would think it would be wise to avoid all this by avoiding kickball relationships in general, that’s easier said than done. You’d be surprised as to how many current and past relationships have occurred in this group of socialites. For an example, my team this past season included two married couples, four sets of couples, one ex-relationship, and just a handful of singles. That’s a pretty high rate of people who are taken through kickball.

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