“Adult Day”

29 06 2009

Yesterday was a major turning point in my transition to independent living and gradual “adulthood.”

Although I woke up late, I managed to figure out the fuse box in my parents’ house, since the power had inexplicable gone out over the night. After leaving the house around 3 PM, I spent the whole afternoon and early evening with my friend going mattress shopping. 

We went to three mattress stores, before I finally settled on the bed I was going to buy. Let me tell you, bed buying is harder than you’d think. Buying a bed is a major commitment. A bed is something you will spend a lot of time on (hopefully). A bed should be comfortable and (as I was to learn) healthy too. My friend tried out practically all of the beds in the three stores. And as one salesman correctly pointed out, that “after you’ve tried more than a few mattresses, they all seem to feel the same.” This observation makes it so difficult to keep track of what you like and do not like in a bed.

Bed shopping was so overwhelming because I went in with no information or knowledge about what I was looking for. I had a very tight budget, since I would be paying for this myself, and so was looking for a very cheap bed under $400. The majority (95%) of the beds I tried out were all at least $700. My friend was looking for a more luxurious bed and since her parents were helping here pay, she could afford a much more costly mattress. My friend also had a bit more knowledge shopping for mattresses so the majority of our shopping time was focused on her. Ironically though, in the end, it was I who actually bought a mattress and box spring. (They will be sent to the store this Thursday!)

After bed shopping, I drove all over Washington, D.C. to drop my friend off at her friend’s place. After my driving adventure through the not so safe neighborhoods of NW DC, and then accidentally driving through Silver Spring, I got back to my neighborhood. The next thing on my adult to do list was to finally sign the lease to my apartment!

The signing was painless and exciting. However, like a lot of the steps I’ve been going through to get this spot in the apartment, the lease-signing was strange and out of the ordinary. I was under the expectation that I would be signing the lease together with the rest of my roommates, that my landlord (who I have yet to meet) would be there, and that I would be paying a large some of money to my landlord, including my rent and security deposit. None of things turned out to be true. Apparently the roommates are trying to meet up with my landlord this week (maybe tomorrow night) to finalize the signing and to pay up. It’s a pretty odd and tedious process.

After signing the lease, and a successful* grocery shopping  trip (*successful meaning, there were a lot of cute guys to ogle at), I finally made it home to cook dinner for myself. I had leftover chicken from the other night and made a steamed broccoli recipe from my cookbook. The recipe turned out to be really tasty. It’s just regular steamed broccoli, but with lemon juice squirted on top once the broccoli is done. I definitely recommend it!




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