Flirting or Marketing?

26 06 2009

This Friday morning there was a fair for Cyber Security Awareness at my work, and since my co-workers love getting SWAG (Stuff We All Get) or what I like to call FJNN (Free Junk Nobody Needs), they went up to see what record amount of souvenirs they could get their hands on this time. I was not aware of this fair when my co-worker, “Goofy” (she is.) asked me if I wanted to go upstairs because there was free food. In my exhausted and hungover state, I jumped at the opportunity to grab some carbs to awaken myself.

On my way over up to the fair, my co-workers informed me they were going to amass more free stuff. When we got to the room it was in, some ladies handed us large plastic bags, to act as our “goodie bags.” I don’t think they knew who they were encouraging. 

Anyways, I was still pretty out of it and wandered behind my co-workers who seemed pro’s at going for the goods and ignoring the vendors’ speeches. A few times we did get sucked into listening and I could have cared less. 

(Let me note though, that the one thing that got me through this fair of sorts was that about 65% of the people marketing their wares were young, good looking men. I never pass up a chance for eye candy! Ha. Since I was barely awake, I just smiled and said ‘hello’ to them all.)  

So, handfuls of pens, Post-Its, and other various useless merchandise later, we arrive at yet another table at the fair.  This table was like all the others, with fliers and other stuff to give away that promoted their company and why they were so important. I said my standard ‘hello’ to the good looking guy seated behind his table (he works here), and he struck up a conversation with me. After discovering that I do not do anything I.T. related for my job, we got on the topic of what I do do: Graphic Design. He said he has a friend who is an award-winning Graphic Designer. So we talked about that. The guy (his name might be Ryan) told me his designer friend has a very popular rap video on YouTube where he raps about Graphic Design:

This Ryan guy was really into talking to me and we talked about his designer buddy for a bit. He gave me his friend’s name which I wrote on one of Ryan’s business cards, so I could check out his friend’s design work. (His name is Kyle T. Webster and this is his cool website.I recommend you all check it out!) One of the things his friend has designed that is for sale is a play on the common font, Helvetica.


Here is a print that Mr. Kyle T. Webster designed. It’s a commentary on Twitter. I love it. It’s so cute and clever:


One of the things Ryan’s company was giving away for free, was a very nice, hard-covered, large blank notebook. It didn’t look like they had many to hand out, maybe four in all. So I was so honored when my new buddy, Ryan handed me one.

By this point, my co-workers I had been grudgingly following around and who kind of deserted me when I stopped to talk to Ryan, honed in their free stuff radar and saw I was getting something high quality and they weren’t. So Goofy butts in to conversation with Ryan to ogle at my “prize.” And she of course, had to have one, too. We both stepped away from the booth, with our fancy-pants notebook in tote. My other co-worker came over to us and she too, was jealous about our latest “score” but Goofy was unable to remember which of he many monotonous booths she had just gotten the book at. I didn’t want to feed into my co-workers’ insane addiction, so I kept quiet. Besides, I also didn’t want my co-workers to take advantage of my new buddy! 

This story simply ends with me finally getting a carb-tastic bagel and some fresh fruit which totally helps me out of my hangover. Success on all fronts.




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26 06 2009
Pretty Robotic

wow i love the twitter print! so cute and clever!

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