Look Ma! I Made Dinner!

25 06 2009

Last night, in the attempt to prove that I’m an adult and can prepare a healthy, well-balanced meal, I made dinner all by myself. And, I didn’t get food poisoning! Hooray! When I graduated high school, my mom gave me a cook book for beginners. I never really cracked the book open until fairly recently, when I realized that a pre-paid meal plan was really only for college students. 

I had ventured to the grocery store and had bought a few things to make dinner with: boneless chicken breasts, zucchini, and a bag of pre-washed salad. I am comfortable using a grill, so I decided I’d grill everything but the salad. (Can you imagine a grilled green salad? Gross.)

I dusted off the cookbook from my mom and searched for an easy recipe to prepare the chicken. I found a marinade with three ingredients and that only took 20 minutes to do marinate. The description said that this marinade had so much flavor and was so easy, that you’ll make it all the time. I figured it sounded harmless and promising, even though the three ingredients I used were quite the odd combination. The recipe called for:

  • 1 Cup Hoisin sauce (or ketchup as a substitute which I ended up using.)
  • 1/2 Cup Vinegar (I didn’t know what kind of vinegar to use; my family’s pantry has a number of kinds, for reasons beyond me. So I used a white wine vinegar.)
  • 1/2 Cup Honey

Yeah. A bowl of ketchup, vinegar, and honey all stirred together. How very bizarre. But it did seem to smell good. So I slathered it on the chicken breasts and after marinading for 20 minutes and put them on the grill. (I also sliced up the zucchini and after dressing with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and salt and pepper; grilled those too. Something to remember for next time: grilling vegetables takes far less time than grilling meat! No, there was no grilling disaster, and the food didn’t catch on fire, but there were some blackened pieces of the vegetable.)

So the grilling was done and I tossed the bagged salad into a bowl with some fixins’ and salad dressing, and viola! Dinner was served. The marinade tasted like it was in the BBQ family and was highly successful. I am just so awesome.




3 responses

30 06 2009

Aw Hoisin sauce ain’t that bad. You are also already a better cook than me- my mom bought me a cookbook for Xmas and I sold it on ebay.

1 07 2009

I like Hoisin sauce, I just didn’t have any around.

8 07 2009


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