I’m A Real Person!

22 06 2009


"I'm a real boy!"

"I'm a real boy!"

“I’m a real boy!” Errr, I mean, I’m a real girl! I’m an adult! Who knew that would ever happen? Ha. No, but seriously, this marks one more step in the direction of adulthood.

Just as I was going to write a blog post about how I’ve been searching for a place to move out to, without any luck for about a year, I finally hit gold! It’s like, a good dream, that I still can’t grasp the reality of. Yes, folks, I have been offered a room in a shared 4 bedroom apartment in a great location, in a fantastic building, with amenities, galore! I didn’t think it was possible to get such a great deal. 

But let me step back for a second. You read that right…I had been looking for a place for about a year. Yes. And I’m not even that picky. I just had some really important aspects of my search that I would not overlook. I was searching for a place that (in order of importance) :

  1. Is near the Metro. It’s not enough if the place is near a bus that takes you downtown or to the Metro. I don’t like riding the bus and it’s not very reliable. I also don’t want to have to walk 5 blocks to take a bus that will take me to a Metro stop at the end of the line. I realize that the cheaper the price, the further from the Metro it usually is, but it’s not always the case.
  2. Is shared with at least one other person, preferably ay least 2 others. I have  never lived by myself. I like being always around people. Maybe the people I live with aren’t always around, but at least they could be. I have a pretty social friend who lives by herself. She always seems to be inviting people over or making plans. I assume it’s because living alone can get lonely. I’d feel that way.
  3. Not expensive! I can’t afford a really expensive place to live, especially if I’m going to budget enough money for food, laundry, recreation, and going to Caps games! 
  4. I also do not want a tiny bedroom, a basement room with no windows, to use a nasty, old bathroom/ kitchen, and I do not want to live with the sketchy, smelly owner, who wants to be my BFF and needs to know too much personal information about me. I also need internet. Cable TV would be nice, too.

I’ve seen the best and worst of places offered via craigslist.com. I’ve seen the bedroom with the oddest dimensions of around 11 x 4 ft. I’ve seen the nastiest kitchen known to man. I’ve experienced the liveliest open house. I’ve communicated with sketchy, foreigners who skip out on all the information. I’ve been there and back. Housing searches can be quite a trip.

So it was pretty awesome when the best possible living situation extended its welcoming arms to me. Like I said, I will be moving into a 4 bedroom apartment. The building is two blocks to the Metro and three blocks to a grocery store. There are a number of restaurants across the street from the apartment building, including a Chipotle and a Panera. The building has awesome amenities including a rooftop pool, an exercise room, and a convenience store which sells beer and wine (among other things). Awesome!

So all this means, the beginning of many blog posts about moving. Enjoy!




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