Dino Movies

18 06 2009

Ice Age 3 is coming out. Maybe it’s just me, but I never thought Ice Age was the next greatest movie. It’s just the movie industry’s excuse for another flick to keep the kids entertained and sell some major merchandise.

As I was watching a commercial for the newest movie due out next month, I thought to myself, that a series of animated movies focused on prehistoric animals and was targeted to kids.

And then it hit me. The Ice Age movies are the modern day movie series answer to The Land Before Time. The only difference is that Ice Age is computer animated. Have you noticed that like, 90% of the movies that come out these days that are animated, are computer animated? It’s like the movie industry has done away with all cartoon movies. It’s like, the end of an era. (Kind of ironic, since I’m on the topic of the Ice Age.)

So apparently there were 13 The Land Before Time movies made. I remembered there being up to maybe 7 (which is still pretty ridiculous) but when is enough, enough!?! That’s my only fault is The Land Before Time movies. Once you get past four or five movies (and it’s not Harry Potter, because those match up with books) you might as well just turn your movie series into a TV show. (Which by the way, apparently did happen for The Land Before Time. But then they had to go and make more movies, too.) I can’t imagine any of those 13 movies being any good after say, the third movie. Just wow.

Hopefully Ice Age doesn’t follow in those dinosaur-sized footprints…




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