17 06 2009


“Well, I’m just a voice in your earpiece…”  

You Could Have It So Much Better by Franz Ferdinand


When at work, I like to listen to music. Music helps me focus (ironic, I guess) and keeps me energized on especially boring projects (which I get a lot of). At work I listen to music on my computer, either from websites (such as this one…do you have any idea how many youtube videos of music I have on here? It’s kind of ridiculous…) or sometimes I bring in CD’s which I play in the computer.

To make sure my computer’s speakers don’t blare my music to my co-workers (although sometimes my co-workers love it when I play “DJ” for the office), I make sure to listen via my headphones.

I usually listen to music all day long. Sometimes I wear my headphones, even when music isn’t playing. That has turned into a little trick I sometimes pull on my co-workers. Sometimes I pretend to be tuning my co-workers out with my headphones on, when in fact it’s just a “prop” or a “costume” and I can hear them perfectly fine and I don’t really have music playing. A few times, my co-workers have said things they didn’t think I could hear, and then I chime in, telling them I could in fact hear them; messing with their heads. Good times.

Speaking of headphones, mine are wearing out. I need to get new ones (side note: it’s funny how “headphones are referred to as plural, when in fact, it is one whole object).  I don’t like ear buds, so I have the “old school” regular styled headphones like this:


Speaking of headphone styles though, Urban Outfitters sells some really cool multi-colored headphones in the tradition style that I have. I’d totally get them in an instant, if they weren’t so expensive! Here are some of the cool styles they sell:

Matador Headphones by Aerial 7, $50

Matador Headphones by Aerial 7, $50

WeSC Oboe Headphones, $50

WeSC Oboe Headphones, $50

Tank Headphones by Aerial 7, $78

Tank Headphones by Aerial 7, $78




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