Metro Lovers

16 06 2009

One thing that really bothers me is couples who feel the need to show PDA (public displays of affection) while waiting for the Metro. I see it all the time, too. I already don’t like watching other couples’ PDA, but then to have it on the Metro, where it’s a small, enclosed, public space, just makes me want to gag sometimes. 

The time of day when you see PDA on the Metro definitely determines how annoying it can be. I feel like seeing people kissing while waiting for a Metro train is not nearly as bad after midnight on a weekend, than it could be during prime daytime hours on a weekday. Like, after 11:30pm on most any day is far more tolerable, only because less people are around to have to see your gross love-making. 

I was on the Metro this past weekend on the Red Line, and while waiting for a train at Woodley Park, I saw a young couple embraced, holding hands, and kissing. This was at like 4 in the afternoon and the Metro was teeming with families full of kids coming back from the zoo. Now, it’s not really my business what other’s people’s kids are exposed to, but I can say that I was turned off by this couple, only a few years younger than myself. It bothered me that they had no regard for the crowd around them. I know, some folks get off on the fact that others might be watching them kiss, etc., but I just think it’s an act that if for a certain place and time, and the Metro isn’t that. 

And don’t get me wrong here….I’m   no stuck up, conservative who dismisses any form of PDA in every place. I will admit, I’m guilty of some PDA, myself (although usually only under the influence of alcohol). But I still feel awkward displaying such emotions in the public Metro space. It’s just that it’s not like there’s much to look at anyways. There are no clever ads in the Metro, like you might see in say, the London Underground. So anything that might draw the eye away from the monotonous cement cave that is the DC Metro is tempting.

It’s just also just a train wreck (no pun intended) to watch and nobody wants to see that. 




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24 06 2009

Uhhh…. That last pun….

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