Government I.D.

11 06 2009

When I first started working at my job at a government agency, I had to be signed in by my boss or co-worker in order to be issued a temporary paper and basic metal chain for me to wear for the day. Every day I had to get a new paper temporary I.D. It seemed like a waste of paper and a pretty silly practice for a new paper badge to be re-issued to me every day. This went on for months and every day I dreamt of the day when I would finally turn in all the needed paper work in order to be issued my for real deal plastic I.D. card on the every important lanyard.

That day came when I finally received my official government I.D. on the long-lasting lanyard (as opposed to simple metal ball chain). I was so proud of my new I.D. and showed it off to my friends and family. It made me feel like a part of something real and true. The D.C. government I.D. is so much of a status symbol and it totally boosted my ego.

After proudly wearing my I.D., I grew to become very aware of it. I became paranoid that when I wore it in public and on the Metro, that those around me would see my name on it and use it for future stalking. Whenever I wore my I.D., I became conscious of which side was showing to the public, and always had to have the side with my picture and name facing my body so as to avoid any potential stalkers. I also became quite peeved about how every time I sat down to use the toilet, the long lanyard with I.D. always seemed to get in the way of my business. It became a hassle to have to worry about moving my prized I.D. out of harm’s way. 

Also, as of recently, my lanyard has fallen apart on a semi-regular basis. See, the lanyard is basically just a simple, round, black shoelace, where the two ends are held together with a cylindrical inch of rubber. It’s supposed to hold well together. However, a small flimsy piece of rubber is the only thing keeping all of my personal identification information to myself and from getting it lost in a big city.

Yesterday, a co-worker of mine had her lanyard fall apart at her desk. She made the all to true comment how very odd and ironic it is that out personal information is all being kept together by a simple shoe lace. She commented about how we deserve better than that, especially at a government agency.




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