A Kid in the Bathroom!

9 06 2009

Yesterday I saw a little girl, maybe four years old, come into the bathroom at work. (It’s not completely abnormal to see kids at my job, since there is a daycare in my building on the same floor as my office.

Anyways, as I was coming out of my stall I was greeted by this little girl who said a pleasant, “hi!” to me. I said ‘hi’ back and she then proceeded into the stall I was just in. The thing is, the toilet in that stall has an abnormally high seat (for the handicapped) and I knew she would in no way be able to get up there. Anyways, I let her alone and thought it was odd there was no accompanying adult with her. Shortly after the girl went into the stall, I heard the toilet flush, and assumed that since she wasn’t able to get up on the seat, that she pretended to go to use the toilet.

I washed my hands and then saw the girl come out of the stall and stare up at me, with another, “hi!” There’s a table in the bathroom and she went over to it and started to climb up on it. I thought that maybe she was trying to climb up to get to the paper towels. The whole situation was pretty odd. The little girl seemed so confident in whatever she was trying to do in her adventurous bathroom trip. She kept looking up at me and was all nice and cute.

I thought about asking her if she needed any help, but instead just headed out of the bathroom, assuming her guardian would be coming in for her. Then I realized that the door to the bathroom is pretty heavy and while it may be easy to push to get into the bathroom, it was unlikely that she’d be able to pull the heavy door open to leave. That, plus the fact that she most likely wouldn’t be able to reach the door’s handle. Then I thought that she was probably in the daycare “skipping class.” Ha.




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