I’m 50% White

4 06 2009

Yesterday’s Chaka Khan concert was great. I thought it was funny however, that among all of my co-workers (the majority of whom are black), I was the only one who knew about the concert and was planning on going. If I hadn’t told my co-workers about the concert, they would never had known. A lot of the music I like is by black musicians, so I am able to fit in well with my co-workers who like mainly black musicians. I have grown to realize that I can get along well with African Americans through our similar music taste (of mostly musicians from the 50s through the 80s).

Recently, a friend of mine took a “How Black Are You?” quiz on Facebook. While I’m  not a fan adding the applications on Facebook, I decided to see if the trusty internet had any other similar quizzes I could take. 

So I went to a few sites which had similar quizzes. My result every time (I took maybe 3-5 similar named quizzes to get a general consensus) was that I am half white, half black. I got pretty consistent scores, which I found amusing. I always knew I had some black in me, but 50% is a surprising large percentage. (Although, I’ve always thought I was African American in a past life!)

Picture 1

Picture 2




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