3 06 2009

Today kicked off the 2009  season of the free outdoor summer concert series in the plaza of the Ronald Reagan Building and the International Trade Center, at 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., in NW D.C. The concerts run every day (except Labor Day) through the end of September and are from noon to 1:30 PM. The schedule of free concerts can be found here.


Today’s concert was of the Grammy award winner and all around awesome singer, Chaka Khan! You may know her from her famous hits such as “I’m Every Woman” and “(Tell Me) Something Good.”


The concert was a nice break from the ever-monotonous work day I was having, and could have way more enjoyable, had the temperature outside seemed like it was in the upper 90’s. The heat plus a compact crowd in a plaza, blocked from any sort of relieving breeze, made the experience unforgettable, but probably for the wrong reasons. Thankfully, cardboard fans (with the schedule of the concert series) were being distributed and there was a decent amount of shade (which I didn’t take advantage of, however). I’m excited to see more of these free concerts this summer. It’s something to do on my lunch break!





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