The Socks Rebellion

2 06 2009

These days, it seems like everyone (at least every female) is wearing sandals or shoes without socks. Today is the second day of June and I understand that the weather is getting warmer. But whatever happened to the practice of wearing socks? As I walk around Washington, D.C., the only people I can see wearing socks are men in their business shoes (and sometimes, not even then). Sometimes I can catch someone in the ever-horrific combination of socks and shoes and a dress or skirt, but this is usually in the morning going to work, only to change into sandals once they arrive at their desk.

I might be the last remaining person wearing socks these days. I’ll admit it. In a world of smelly bare feet, I am the sole (no pun intended!) person left in socks. It has even gotten to the point where people might look at me funny on the Metro. (Their looks seem to say, “Who does that person think she is? Who is that weirdo? Why on earth would she dare wear socks in June?!?!”)

And so, you are probably wondering, why can’t I just fit in with all the other sandal-wearers, showing my feet off to the world? Some may guess that I hate the look of my feet. (Not true.) Some may think I just do not own any sandals or work-appropriate sock-less style shoes. (I do own such shoes.) Don’t I get hot? (It’s just my feet. No.) But basically, it all comes down to my fondness of socks. Yes, it’s true. I have always liked socks. Socks are awesome. They absorb sweat and smell. They’re soft. They’re comfortable. They look good. They’re versatile.

Maybe in the next month when it truly gets to be the typical, sticky, humid summers in D.C., I too, will give in to this Sandals Revolution. But for now, I am apparently the one-person Socks Rebellion happening in the Washington Metropolitan area.




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