Season Confusion

1 06 2009

I came into the kitchen this morning on my way out of the house, to greet my mom. She saw the outfit I had managed to pull together for work and commented on how it looked like I was wearing winter clothing. True, my palette was very black, but I had to work with a minimal clothes rack without getting into my dirty laundry or heavy cottons and wools.

My outfit consisted of black (or more like faded black, now dark gray) pinstriped pants, a lightweight green and black floral t-shirt and a black corduroy jacket. (I know it’s June today and I chose to wear corduroy. I get cold at work. Deal.) But that wasn’t what my mom was referring to. She asked why I wasn’t wearing sandals to work. I had instead chose to wear a brand new pair of black patent leather flats I bought yesterday. I was excited to wear them in. And consequently, was wearing them with black socks so as not to get blisters.

Ok, I admit my outfit was not the most cheery and spring like. But it was comfortable and perfectly presentable. My mom has said that I am the one who dresses best in our family. I take that as a major compliment from her. My mom religiously watches the TLC fashion advice show, “What Not To Wear” and lives by the information given on the show. While I kind of hate the show, I’ll take the compliment that I dress well, according to my mom’s interpretation of the TV show. So it came as a bit of a shock to hear my mom criticize my outfit.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t really care, and was running a tad late, so I wasn’t about to go and change my whole outfit to accommodate my mom’s taste. It just made me think about how I guess one really can dress according to different seasons. Black is for colder months, browns and grays work nicely in the fall; while khakis and lighter grays and colors are more appropriate for the Spring and Summer months. I don’t especially care if I sport an especially black outfit in June. But I guess fashionistas-in-training like my Mom really do care what others (i.e: myself) wears. Just a thought.




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