Wallpaper Inspiration

22 05 2009

My boss is out. I haven’t had work for days. I’m bored and I have to resort to surfing the web, meanwhile continuing my search for inspiration. One of my passions in art is wallpaper. I’ve never actually put it up and I’ve never made it, but I like the concept of putting up pretty paper on your walls instead of paint as a form of decoration. (This probably has something to do with my love of all things paper. I am such a graphic design dork, ha.) I sometimes look to contemporary wallpaper designs for inspiration in my art or to give me a fresh look at what’s happening in the design world. In addition to wallpaper, a new movement has begun of decorating walls with vinyl cut outs. These wall adhesives are like displaying randomly placed shapes on a wall to create a piece of art. Pretty cool concept. It looks like this:

Here are some absolutely delightful websites on wallpaper I have found online…

wallpaper designs made of everyday things (though I’m not sure if this is just electronic or can be printed to be used in actual rooms. I think some could work better than others.)

modern wallpaper designs and

another website chock full of abstract and nature-inspred wallpaper designs

victorian inspired designs

and here are some various pictures of wallpaper I found that I especially like:






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