Office Space In The Office

21 05 2009

Today we are watching the movie, “Office Space” in our office. For fun. Because “Mom & Dad” (my male and female bosses) are out today. Do I work in the movie industry? No. I work at a government job. Oh, and my boss, “Dad” brought in a few pizzas randomly for lunch the other day, so now we have a microwave and a big Tupperware container full of leftover pizza in our mini-fridge at work. (Can I just say, I love cold pizza!) Movie and pizza party! Ha.

My co-workers frequently act like five year olds (at best). One man I work with has the iPhone with this application called iFart which makes various farting noises. He sometimes plays these noises when nobody is around and we are doing work. He’a a real prankster….who acts like he’s five. For a perspective, I’d guess that all of my seven other co-workers (including my bosses) are all at least in their 40’s.




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