My Alex Ovechkin Dream

21 05 2009

Last night I had a most amazing dream about Alex Ovechkin…

I was in the car with my family on some road trip and there was a car driving in front of us with this big sign across the back which was advertising some local bar. The sign said that you should go there and party with Alex Ovechkin! I got really excited, but figured that since my family and I were on a road trip, I wouldn’t be able to go to the bar for a bit. My mom saw the sign and told me I should definitely go to the bar and that my family would come back and pick me up after a few hours or so.

So I went to the bar; an old fashioned saloon looking place. There was loud dance music playing and colored disco like lights in the room. Despite the party atmosphere though, there were only like four people at the bar. I saw Ovechkin hunkered over at the bar talking to some girl. I figured that I was going to have a disappointing time and went to the bar for a drink.

I stood next to Alex Ovechkin (on the other side of him as the girl) and just stood there sipping at the beer I got. The girl Ovechkin was talking to got up to go or something and Alex Ovechkin and I started chatting. It was great. He was flirting with me which was really cute. So there continued to be very few people at the bar, which was good because then I didn’t have any competition with other ladies.

At some point I got up to go to the bathroom or something and I bumped into Nicklas Backstrom! He and I started talking about his buddy, Alex Ovechkin. Backstrom was talking in perfect English (which isn’t normally the case; he’s a recent “transplant” from Sweden.) Backstrom was telling me about Ovechkin’s love life, saying that while Alex may seem like a total player and ladies man who could get whomever he wants, he’s actually pretty honest and sincere  in the “dating game.” Nicklas Backstrom then proceeded to tell me that he saw Ovechkin talking to me and thought Ovie really liked me. Awww how cute.

Ovechkin, Boudreau, Backstrom

Ovechkin, Boudreau, Backstrom

So I had to leave the bar because my family had come back to pick me up. I was kind of bummed, but swore I would come back to the bar the following day. The next day I did get back to the bar and found Ovie again. We continued flirting where we had left off. He seemed to really like me and it was amazing. This part of the dream gets a little vague but I think Ovechkin may have kissed me a few times. I think I may have woke up around this part in the dream because I can’t remember what else happened from that point. But either way, it was a most amazing dream. I love Alex Ovechkin!




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4 04 2010

I had a dream about Ovechkin last night and I don’t even particularly like him, we were dating and he was showing me his hockey pictures and stuff in his room and we made out a couple times. It was pretty cute, though I really wish I dreamt about Kris Letang or Crosby…

2 05 2012

You have a very good blog. For a.. a long time looking for something so wonderful.

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