Ringless Washington Men

20 05 2009

Someone once told me a valuable piece of information: there is a large percentage of unmarried men in Washington, D.C.

Seriously. I discussed this with a friend who lives in the area. We decided this could be because a lot of Washingtonians are so into their careers, that they are more job-centered, than they are relationship-focused. Washington can be pretty intense, but I never imagined so intense that people will classify love and meaningful relationships with a lesser value.  

Another reason for this surprisingly low number of married men could be an increasingly high divorce rate. It used to be that divorce was a very little discussed or rare choice people resorted to. But these days, divorce is becoming more and more popular and people don’t usually think twice upon learning that someone they know has been divorced. It’s become more “acceptable,” unfortunately. 

Whatever the reason may be for so many men who do not wear a wedding ring on their left hand, it’s true. And it’s pretty noticeable too. I, for one, quite frequently check out guys. Living in Washington can be quite nice, since so many men are ring-less, so I have more of a “free range”. (However, I’ve discovered that unlike women who get to wear Engagement Rings to declare they are in fact taken, engaged men do not wear a ring, which makes the seemingly large market a possible lie.) Either way, there are really so many men in D.C. who are ring-less.  

This, however, also seems a little odd when older men in their 40s and onward are ringless. I’m not saying that older men are not allowed to remain single, but Washington, D.C. does strangely seem like a “Mecca” for men who (for one reason or another) do not wear a wedding band. Even my boss is ring-less which I found especially disconcerting, since he is married. Why then, would he choose not to wear a wedding ring? Sometimes I make up stories such as maybe he takes his ring off when he comes to work in order to cheat on his wife better. But that’s a terrible thing to think for someone. I just can’t think of another plausible reason as to why you would not wear a wedding band. It’s just…what you do if you’re married.




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20 05 2009

I’m single, and I live in Atlanta.

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