Searching For Inspiration

19 05 2009

I just discovered this super cute video the an art website, . I found this website and am pretty glad about it, since I have been in some serious need of inspiration lately. Yesterday at work I had to design a flyer last minute for a client. I spat something out which I quickly disliked, and called it something similar to the Graphic Design equivalent of throw up. Ok. It really wasn’t that bad. But it comes into play in  my new-found discovery that EVERYTHING I design looks the same. This isn’t to say that I have my own design look. I guess I do. Everyone has their own way to go about things. But all of my work incorporates the use of colored lines or blocks of color. Sure, it may look good to those unfamiliar with my work, but this discovered obsession has just gone too far for me. 

So I might have to resort to changing my style. I have been greatly influenced by European Modernism and the Bauhaus ever since I learned about it in my art history classes in college more than five years ago. It uses a lot of line and geometric shapes:

It’s all a very cool style of art and design, but I am just totally stuck in a rut and I need to get out!




2 responses

20 05 2009
Muito legal

I LOVE that video.

What about incorporating some Art Nouveau into your style? 😉

21 05 2009

oh wow, great video!

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