Trouble In The Bullpen For The Caps?

18 05 2009

I got on the Metro yesterday, wearing my Caps hat as usual. Some man was sitting behind me and I guess he noticed my hat. This was our conversation:

Man: Did the Caps lose their game?

Me: [I thought this was an odd question since the Caps lost their last game last week, but anyways] Yes.

Man: Again?!

Me: Yes.

Man: Was there trouble in their bullpen?

Me: Huh? What? [This guy was obviously not talking hockey, and since I was, I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about.]

Man: I guess there was some trouble in their bullpen. Were they badly beat? What was the score?

Me: [At this point, I realize the man is confusing the Capitals with the Nationals, but I had already dug myself into this conversation so I just decided to play along with my initial answer and secretly hope I was right about my “predicted” final Nats score.] Uh yeah. They lost. I dunno.

Man: [He was clearly really bummed and then I felt bad for giving him the “bad news.” I should have lied and said we won. Even though I had no idea what he was talking about.] Man, they keep losing! 

Um yeah, so a really awkward conversation. After that I just turned around and kind of hoped the man would not try to talk to me again. Sometimes I wish I could just pretend I’m deaf, so I wouldn’t have to get myself into such awkward conversations. Although I feel like I’d have to know sign language to truly fake being deaf.




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