The Next Series

15 05 2009

Last night The Detroit Red Wings narrowly beat out the Anaheim “mighty” Ducks 3-2 in their game 7. And the Chicago Blackhawks have beat  the Edmonton Oilers. The next Western COnference game (the conference finals) will be the Red Wings vs. the Blackhawks. While I kind of like the Red Wings more, the Black hawks have two goalies whom I like a lot: Khabibulin (correct pronunciation: Hob-i-BOO-len. MY pronunciation: Ka-bib-il-lynn!) and Huet (correct pronunciation: YOU-ay) who used to play for the Caps in the end of last season and for the Caps’ playoff run.

In the Eastern conference, the Boston Bruins (the top seed!) was beat last night in OT to the mediocre Carolina Hurricanes. The Canes will go on to face nobody’s favorites, the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’m truly hoping the Canes can pull off another “come from behind” win to tackle the Pens. We really don’t need to see any more of the Penguins in the playoffs.

The most noteworthy aspect of this series will be that two of the 3 Staal brothers will be facing each other. Marc Staal plays on the Rangers, Eric Staal plays for the Hurricanes, and Jordan Staal plays for the Penguins. Eric will be playing his brother Jordan. Sibling rivalry at its finest!

If the Canes can’t pull it together and the Pens win. And if the likely Red Wings win their series, it will be de ja vu and for the second time in a row, the Stanley Cup finals will be the Red Wings vs. the Penguins. (Go Red Wings!)




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