A Day of Mourning

14 05 2009

Here are some points I would like to touch upon from the gut-wrenching 6-2 lost the Caps had last night which ended their run in the NHL playoffs:

  • I have been to Buffalo Billiards a total of two times to watch a Caps game and both times the Caps have lost. I went last night. Clearly I can not go back here to watch the Caps in the future. (However, I had a pretty exciting “California T.A.B.” sandwich; Turkey, Avocado, Bacon on a roll.)
  • Today, the day after, I am wearing all black to mourn the loss. It is a sad day.
  • Isn’t Craig Adams one of Pittsburgh’s better players? But somehow he only managed one playoff goal (so far) ? Weird…
  • I hate Sidney Crosby.
  • I still love Alex Ovechkin.
  • Seriously, Caps. You know I practically live by the Wedding Crashers quote, “Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion. And last night the Caps were not playing like champs. And guess what? There were seriously NO EXCUSES.
  • Look, I’m as much a dedicated Caps fan as the next person. And yeah, I am totally proud of my team, but a home game 6-2 loss is not how I would prefer to go down and end the season on. You know when teams line up after a game and tell each other “good game”? Well my friend, this was not a “good game.” 
  • It seemed like Simeon Varlamov was half-ghost on his left side because all of the goals made by Pittsburgh seemed to go right through the left side of his body.
  • It was kind of “nice” to see the familiar Jose Theodore again.
  • Let’s have a moment of silence for the loss:


  • Where are you Mike Green? Anyone?  Anyone? Green?  ……Bueller?……
  • I think the Caps were thrown off by the Nationals’ win last night. What?!? The Nats have a win? Too weird. It threw the Caps off. A Nats’ win probably messes with the air in D.C.
  • My prediction for the future: Well last year we made it through Round 1 of the playoffs. This year we made it through Round 2. I predict we’ll continue with this pattern. Next year we will get through Round 3, in two years we’ll make it to the finals and who knows maybe with all that experience in the post-season, we’ll even win the Stanley Cup! So OK Caps….just 2 more years!
  • My favorite thing that came out of the game: 

“Well, you know, it was a great feeling,” Ovechkin, the subject of the “MVP” chants, said of the fans standing and cheering. “Our fans, right now I think they’re better than Montreal. They’re just awesome.”




3 responses

14 05 2009

“Look, I’m as much a dedicated Caps fan as the next person.”

You plan your life and social schedule around Caps games. I think you’re MORE of a dedicated fan than the next person.

I blame the keychain.

14 05 2009

Haha good point. And my mood is partially due to Caps games results. I blame the keychain too….

14 05 2009

was nice to see jose theodore? wow thats deranged

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