God Cheers For The Caps Part 2

12 05 2009

You know how in cartoons when someone is having a bad day, there is a rain cloud over them and nobody else? The cloud starts to rain over top the one person and everyone else can walk around completely dry.

Well a similar thing happened to my co-worker from Pittsburgh, actually. Last Thursday my co-worker was out of the office and a wet spot coincidentally appeared in the ceiling tiles above his desk. A leak was developing…

My co-worker was out from work from Thursday through yesterday, Monday. The ceiling tiles had to be removed for one reason or another. The building services have yet to fix the problem.

So last night the Caps played Game #6 in Pittsburgh. It was “win or go home” for Washington. The Caps had also yet to win an away game in this series. The Caps had lost the last 3 games in a row. Things were not looking good for the Caps. Suffice to say, the Caps pulled through with an overtime win. The Caps are taking this series back to D.C. on Wednesday for Game #7. It’s major drama. I can’t wait.

Picture 2

Anyways, my co-worker came back to work today. The day after the Caps’ comeback win. And had to experience water damage to his work, his personal belongings, and such. No matter. I think it was in God’s doing. See, here’s the thing; this would not happen to a Caps fan. Only his work area was affected. He is the only Penguins fan in the office…God would not let this happen to a Caps fan!




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