My Caps Superstition

11 05 2009

Maybe I’m a little superstitious when it comes to my viewing habits for watching Caps games. I know that whenever I wear my pair of red kitten heels while at a game, the Caps win. If I wear these shoes to watch a game, but not actually at the game in the stadium, the Caps are more likely to lose. (Thus, the lucky shoes only work when I am physically at a game.) The day my lucky shoes broke, the Caps lost. Coincidence? I think not. I immediately went to the shoe repair shop to get them fixed.

Another thing I’ve discovered is that if I am watching a game but not at the stadium, the less I dress in red, the more likely the Caps are to win. (That kind of stinks because I can’t really show my support, but I don’t want the Caps to lose, either!)

But the main thing I’ve found is that I have to watch the Caps games in order for the Caps to win (or have a better chance at winning). Every time I miss watching a game, the Caps lose.  For example, I was unable to watch the last Caps game (playoffs against the Penguins, Game #5) and they lost. I blame myself.

Also, every time I have attended a Caps game this season, the Caps have won. I think that it would be in the team’s best interest to hire me as a Caps game watcher in order for their team to continue to win games (at least at home). I should not have to pay for tickets, when I am the one making/helping the team win. Ted Leonsis should recognize a good thing (like my superstitious luck) and reward me for my right-doings.




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4 11 2010
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[…] what do I chalk up to the Caps’ win last night? The fact that I was wearing my lucky red shoes, of course! They had broke two years ago, and on that day, the caps lost a game. The shoes were in […]

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