Cubicle Improvement

6 05 2009

I think cubicle walls should be manufactured to have the option of being produced in colors. Everytime I look at a room crowded with cubicles, the drab shades of gray always make my heart sink a little. (- Not like I would expect to be hopeful or inspired when I see cubicles…but why not?) For the record, I’m not even a grayhater. Gray is actually one of my favorite colors, but it’s not an ideal cubicle color. There is a time and place for gray, and this isn’t it.

Cubicles are made for the work environment. I would think that any adjustments to such an environment to make “work more enjoyable” wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Cubicle walls produced in bright, bold colors could be fun. I strongly doubt that by working in a bold green little box would be too distracting to work in. I feel like any  prolonged exposure to a color, will over time just become as uniformed and “normal” as the the grays we’ve become so used to (-with the possible exception to neon colors and black*).

But I could see a study related to this notion of “prolonged exposure to certain colors (in a work environment) and the way colors can affect one’s mood.” So maybe colors such as reds and oranges would be too hostile and harsh to work under. *The same could be said for too-bright neon colors which I could imagine causing headaches for some, or the too-depressing black to overwhelm a small box you’re placed in. Maybe the cooler colors like blues, greens, and purples would be more appealing and ideal to work with. 

Maybe a happy medium range of colors could be decided upon. A step up from drab grays could be darker hues like navy, maroon, pine green, and plum. Maybe even lighter colors could work, such as peach, pastel yellow, pastel turquoise, baby blue, and light lavender. I think it could work. I mean, really anything would be a step up from grays.




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