Caps-Pens Trash Talking

29 04 2009

My co-worker who is from Pittsburgh and I have been at some major trash talking this morning since we found out that the next playoff series in the Stanley Cup race is between the Caps and the Penguins. Here are some of our exchanges:

S: I’d like to go to a game at The Green Turtle just to see the Pittsburgh fans go crazy. But I think I might watch it at home and show my support in private. I don’t want to get into any scuffs at a bar.

Me: yeah….I think ALL Penguins fans should show their support in private.

S: Look, if the Caps happen to win this series in some strange act of God, I will be cheering for them for the rest of the playoffs.

Me: Ok, see thanks. That’s nice. But I think that it’s because you’re currently living in D.C. If I were living in Pittsburgh…[as I very carefully choose my words] then maybe I would be more inclined to show some support to the fans. 

T: Haha, She chose those words carefully! Notice how she said she’d support the fans but not the players! I bet her brother is coaching her on “law speak”!




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