27 04 2009

Way back when about a year ago I discovered a most amazing radio station through the iTunes Radio on my computer at work. I used to work at a terrible job that I am a little ashamed I actually held (only for a month though). I worked at a direct mail company designing coupons and other mailers. (Really lame.) 

Anyways, the one good thing this job brought me was my awesome discovery of a new really good online college radio station. The station is called Fresh Air and is the radio station at the University of Edinburgh, where I coincidentally stayed for bit while studying abroad in Scotland a few years ago. The website to listen to the radio is Last year I listened to this station so often that I befriended a few of the DJs and frequently wrote in to the DJs and chatted with them during their shows. On one occasion, I even won a prize through a certain show’s contest and got an LP record single and some buttons mailed to me all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland. I felt so cool to be getting mail from a radio station in the U.K!

So anyways, I recommend this station to you all. I learned of a lot of my favorite musicians through this station; groups such as MGMT, Vampire Weekend, She & Him, Justice, Bon Iver, and more! Way cool. They also have a group on Facebook for all those who would like to get connected through that.




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25 01 2010
Animal Collective «

[…] start getting interested in Animal Collective’s music until last year, when I heard it on Fresh Air. For those not familiar with the group, their music is composed of multiple layers of catchy […]

13 05 2010
Life Soundtrack «

[…] my head (and also the one playing in my head all day) is a song that I actually discovered through Fresh Air. Since I had never heard the song until a few years ago, I naturally assumed it was written fairly […]

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