Happy Lovers Town Art

23 04 2009

I can imagine that for those who read this blog who don’t know me, they think I am someone obsessed with the Caps and who likes music and thinks….a lot. But I don’t think I write enough in this blog about my love for art. Yep, I am an artist. I always have been. I always will be. I love art. So that’s what this post will be about. 

While stumbling around on Google images while looking for an image to create a birthday card into, I came upon this awesome website: http://www.happyloverstown.eu/wordpress/. (And cool that it’s also on wordpress.com.) It’s created by artist, Jonathan Calugi who lives in Italy.

So anyways you should totally check this site out. It’s really cool. The artist creates typefaces, and illustrations and uses those to make posters, t-shirts, book jackets, and more. I think I would describe the style as shape and line-focused, minimalist, modern, and fun. It kind of leans towards many modern Japanese illustrations and the kind of stuff you might find at the store, Kid Robot.

Kid Robot logo shaved into someone's head!

Here are some  image samplings from the website: happyloverstown.eu/wordpress/:




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