Wanted Like The Lion King

22 04 2009

Today at work we have been watching the movie, “Wanted,” which I have been wanting to see, really only because it has James McAvoy in it and I love him.

So this is a movie ending spoiler…sort of. 

The end of “Wanted” is just like the end of the movie, “The Lion King.” In the end of both movies, the bad guys turn on each other and all die. In “The Lion King” when Simba comes back from the jungle and battles out Scar, he tells all the hyenas that Scar has betrayed and lied to them. So Scar ends up dying by his “fellow” hyena minions turning on him and killing him.

In the end of “Wanted,” James McAvoy’s character does some intense research to discover that his “co-workers/assassins” (or whoever, I wasn’t really paying attention too closely to the movie) have been lying to him and he tells them this. All of the head workers in “The Fraternity” end up turning on each other and fall to the bullet of Angelina Jolie’s character (who is one of the leaders of their killing association).  Jolie’s character then ends up killing herself too. It’s a pretty crazy scene involving a bullet killing people in a circular room and the bullet is shot by Jolie and goes around the room, going through the heads of everyone standing in the circle, and ending in Jolie’s head.

So basically “Wanted” takes the same sort of ending as “The Lion King,” only way more violent and graphic.

While I’m discussing the movie, “Wanted,” let me also say that the final scene is the best part of the movie, as it re-traces the line of fire from a bullet shot by James McAvoy. (For the record, in this scene of the movie, the name “Wesley Gibson” is Google searched with no results, and this is in fact a lie.) The very last clip is McAvoy saying to the camera, “What the f**k have you done lately?” It’s pretty amazing. You’ll just have to watch the movie and see for yourself.




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22 04 2009

Yeah, I guess that fits with Wesley’s whole “I don’t know who I am” epiphany, as well, since Simba goes through the same thing. Only, in “Wanted” who’s Timon?

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