Caps Playoffs Predictions

19 04 2009

one of my best signs

one of my best signs

The NHL playoffs are in progress and as you may know, the Caps are knee-deep in an unexpected turn-of-events match-up upset. The Caps have played their first two games of the series against the seventh (out of eight) seed team, the New York Rangers, and as many of you now know, have lost both games.

Granted, the second game (which was played last night) was a closer scoring game (Caps lost 1-0) than the first. However, compared to the first game’s loss (4-3), the game last night could also be seen as a sadder outcome since the Caps failed to score at any point in the game. (I understand the Ranger’s have a superb goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, but seriously guys…the Caps are #2 in their conference and they didn’t get to that ranking with just luck!)

Anyways, here is my prediction for the rest of this Caps vs. Rangers series. The Rangers have won both of their away games in D.C. The next two games for the Caps are away in NYC at MSG (Madison Square Garden). If we follow the pattern here, the Caps should win these next two away games. In this situation, all home team fans would be upset with the result of their team. In D.C., the Rangers have won both times, and in NYC, hopefully the Caps will win both times. In the regular season the Caps had one of the best away game records, too. So much for having the home game advantage in the playoffs! My brother calls my idea, the “Away Game Advantage.” Awesome, right? Ha ha.

Also, in this year’s regular season, the Caps have rarely lost more than 3 games in a row (The longest regulation time-losing streak the Caps have had has been 3 games, which has only happened three times.)  So with that being said, the Caps seriously have no reason to lose all 4 of their playoff games.

Plus, if the Caps end up not losing the next two games and can last until Game 5, that would be awesome for many reasons, including that my family is trying to get tickets to Game #5. I have never been to a hockey playoff game and that would be incredible! With that being said…..





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