Where Do You Live?!

17 04 2009

So my New Year’s Resolution for 2009 has been to move out of my family’s house and live in an apartment or group house somewhere. This means that close to every week, I make appointments to go visit potential places to move to.

A number of times I have to ask the current owner/renter for the address of their place so that I can get directions to get there. A few times (including this lady with a very thick Spanish accent I talked to over the phone yesterday) the person I am in contact with refuses to give me their address. Instead they say something like, “when you get to the closest Metro stop, give me a phone call and I will come pick you up in my car to take you there.”

Listen, people. I see how in a normal situation you would not want to give your address to strangers, but guess what? In normal situations, I’m not about to get into a stranger’s car. No thanks. See here’s my problem: you are having complete strangers come in and look at the place you live anyways. I’m going to see the address of your home no mater what. So what’s the point of keeping it from me, initially? Keeping your address from me is like a total turn-off in this situation. It makes me weary of the current resident(s), the location, and does not make me want to go and visit your home. It just doesn’t make sense.




One response

21 04 2009

sounds like those are people who dont’ want to rent out to you. that’s pretty bizarre!

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