For Lack of Something Better

16 04 2009

On my mind today:

  • OMG I am actually being productive at work today! Such a strange thought I know… I basically live by the rule of procrastination: If you wait until the last minute to get something done, then you HAVE to get it done, no matter what.  Rule #76:


  • Ok, the Caps lost in their first game of the playoffs against the Rangers. And yes, it was extra sad because it was a home game in DC. I blame 1) the Caps’ lack of defense (many times the Rangers were able to freely take the puck into our zone with few Caps around to do anything about it), 2) Jose Theodore is a consistently inconsistent goalie, who honestly, I’m afraid of having as our main goalie for the playoffs, 3) the Caps were taking too many penalties, 4) the officiating was especially poor and didn’t make a lot of sense…this is not just my opinion, as I’ve heard  this excuse tossed around by a lot of others, 5) The Rangers did some bad stuff too, like existing, but I’m not gonna get into that now. And hey, if anything, the Caps did play a pretty close scoring game! (More than you can say about the Penguins’ 4-1 win over the Flyers!) All I’m saying, is that I guess it is good that the Caps have a bunch of other games to better even out the playoff tally. 
  • My springtime oh-so-fun to deal with hay fever allergies have begun. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sneezed today. I’d guess somewhere over 30 times. And it’s not even like I have really been outside for long today. So weird. But I called up my doctor and hopefully will be picking up some prescription meds from the nearby pharmacy soon after work. Speaking of which, it was oddly easy to just request prescription medicines from my doctor over the phone earlier. Makes me think that many people could be abusing heavy duty drugs… Not good.
  • It seems like every time I walk past the bathroom on my floor, and there’s a sign saying it’s closed for maintenance, than my bladder erupts and I immediately have to pee. Even if I hadn’t had anything to drink hours beforehand. Even if I didn’t really have to go. But just the sign of not being able to have the option of using the bathroom; the limit to my life, makes me want it even more. How annoying is that?! Weird.
  • So I am on a recreational club kickball team. I’ve played kickball in D.C. on the National Mall for the past two seasons (aka: for about a year). Today is the start of another season. I’m pretty excited. However, apparently I don’t really own exercising clothes which makes it potentially awkward to play. Today I have resorted to a t-shirt and jeans. Yes, folk. I am going to play an outdoor sport in blue jean pants. Whatever. I’m comfortable in it. Maybe I’ll invest in a real pair of sweatpants. Granted, their not exactly the most flattering article of clothing, especially to be wandering around the city in, but then again, kickball isn’t really about looking your best. (No, I’m not saying that kickball is for ugly people. It’s not, but the players are more focused on being social, playing some ball, and heavy drinking.) We all know what we look like, and it’s nice that for once, looks aren’t something the kickball association puts emphasis on. I mean, we all wear oversized team t-shirts anyways!
  • Ok I’ve stayed at work long enough. And I have to change into my kickball clothes. Hopefully that darned bathroom is open….



One response

16 04 2009

“The Rangers did some bad stuff too, like existing, but I’m not gonna get into that now.”

Haha well said! I have to admit that the outcome of that game was a little saddening, considering that two of the goals Theodore let in could have been prevented by a little proper positioning. Someone streaking in off the wing with the passing lanes shut down, come out of the net more to kill the angle. Get to the top of the paint or maybe even bottom of the circle. Two of those goals could have been prevented.

If you got to actually see the game, I envy you, I was forced to sit through the Pens vs Flyers game and boy was that a horrible game.

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