A Peck On The Cheek

13 04 2009

Maybe this is just me. (Please let me know if it is.)  ….

But… how come if a guy casually kisses a girl on the cheek in a possible flirtatious way of saying hello or goodbye, it’s no big deal for the guy who is doing the kissing? How come if a girl tries to do the same thing (a casual peck on the cheek to a guy) there can be different connotations (either the girl could feel more attachment or it is thought as something as a joke) ? 

Maybe I just don’t know. Maybe the guy who does the whole casual “peck on the cheek” really is showing a ton of his emotions and since guys usually tend to play down their emotions, the whole peck on the cheek thing really is a big deal for them to do. However, I somehow doubt that, because it sure doesn’t come across as a big deal when guys do it. (And I’m only talking about the giver’s end, not the receiver’s end of such a situation.) But it just seems that when guys do it, it’s just like no problem to them. A guy’s peck on the cheek is/can be the most casual thing in the world for the male gender. It can seem like it’s just another form of the ‘high five’ for them to hand out. 

The peck on the cheek is definitely more flattering than the ‘high five,’ no doubt. But it’s also not nearly the same as say, a mere peck on the lips which is more intimate by a hair. The cheek-peck shows the guy wants to go to more trouble than the ever-confusing and sometimes awkward hug. I guess I would like to know what  the motive is behind the cheek-peck. What makes a guy choose that flirtatious physical contact over another form? And for guys who do opt for the cheek-peck, what do they think they are getting out of it, or more importantly, what do they think the recipient is getting from their forward move?

Can someone please explain this? Am I the only one who feels this way?




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