Car Accident

9 04 2009

I got into a little car accident last night on the way to a friend’s house. I was tirerd and must have closed my eyes for a second and rear-ended the car in front of me. We pulled off to a nearby streeet and there was no damage whatsoever to either car. I was fine (I had bumped my knee on the car, but it was ok) and the driver of the other car, said his neck hurt a little but didn’t think it was serious and was not interested in pressing charges. I got his name and he took my lisence plate number and my name and phone number. He said he’d call me either way tomorrow (today) to check up on it. He called me this morning and left me a phone message asking me to call…

So I called the guy back and he answered by saying slightly sarcastically, “Oh you called me and I’m currently in the hospital! I’m in a lot of pain!” And then he waited for my response which was something along the lines of, “ummm  are you OK?!?!” And he laughed and said, he was kidding and that he was really ok. Oh gosh. He said his back hurt but it was because he recently had surgery on it (unrelated to this accident) and was going through physical therapy.  But that he didn’t think the pain was related to this incident. He also said that he was glad there was no damage to either of the cars or us and again, was not going to press charges. He asked if I lived with my parents (I said, yes) and asked if I had told them and what their reaction was. I told him I did tell them but didn’t get their reaction yet. He was really nice about it all and said that if I was ever really bored sometime, that I could call him up and buy him a beer, haha. It was a nice, jokingly way of ending that incident and conversation. So that was that.
Anyways, I emailed this story to my brother and below is our correspondence:
[my brother]    uhhh. Wow. DO NOT GET A BEER WITH THIS MAN. Aside from the fact that joking about being in the hospital was a total jerk move, this man clearly wants to manipulate you. Be careful. My advice is to offer him everything you can, offer to fix the car or pay for some more physical therapy and once you’ve done that, stop taking his calls. This man is dangerous.

[me]    get. a. grip. you’re ridiculous. this man is fine, and I’m not being naiive about this either. I told Mom and Dad and they were just glad I was ok and that there wan no damage and here you are freaking out. Calm down. Seriously. He was just being nice. I appreciate your concern but you weren’t in this situation and didn’t meet the guy. He is not going to stalk me. “This man is dangerous?!!?” If anything, I would be the dangerous one, since I hit him. I can’t offer to fix his car because there is seriously no damage at all. No scuff mark, no nothing. And about “stop taking his calls” he’s not going to call me. He only called me to begin with to follow up if he was still in pain. It’s all perfectly logical. End of story.   And for the record this guy was in his late 50s-60s in age.
[brother]    I told the story to five other people and all five said he was trying to get a date. He’s creeeeeepy. Just be careful. And what’s a 50-60 year old telling you to buy him a beer for? What’s wrong with you?
[me]    Just because a man is being nice to me doesn’t mean he is hitting on me.
Just because a guy is talking to me, doesn’t mean he’s looking for a date.
It’s just a regular old man who doesn’t want to get mad at me. Why is this a bad thing, again???
Again, I do appreciate your concern but you WERE NOT there. You don’t know.
Not everyone has to be a criminal.
For the record, the guy had a somewhat Jewish sounding name and was probably going home for Seder just like I was. He didn’t want it to become an ordeal and I’m fine with that.
And he was not telling/forcing me to buy him a beer. It was like a nice way to end the conversation. It was his way of being friendly. I would never call him, and I’m pretty sure he’d never even take me up on that even if I did call him. Besides, “if I ever get really bored…” (like he said) would most likely not be for a long time and why would he remember me? And why would he care?
I am not one to think that every man I meet who is friendly to me (especially under not typically nice situations) is out to get me. Why can’t people just be good sometimes?
I guess you’re one of those people who believes that humans are naturally bad who can do good. (As opposed to that humans are naturally good who can do bad.)



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