Long Hair on Guys

4 04 2009

I really like long hair on guys. I always have. The longer the better….usually….sometimes. I have always liked Afros/Jewfros on guys. (Yeah, I like curly hair.) I also like chin-length to shoulder-length hair.

The Bassist For Lenny Kravitz

The Bassist For Lenny Kravitz

From Steppenwolf

From Steppenwolf












But here’s my problem with declaring my love for long hair on guys. I strongly dislike when guys feel the need to have a ponytail. I sometimes (ok, always) can’t stand when guys feel the need to grow their hair so long that they can’t even contain the hair without being unruly, and thus resort to tying it back in a simple, monotonous hair tie to a boring, blah ponytail.

If guys feel the need to grow their hair that long, fine. But do something with it. If you’re just going to have it always tied back, then what’s the point? I think that a lot of the time, guys keep their long ponytails growing because it’s like a “security blanket” which they can not stand to part with. If that’s the case, then I feel like the guy should just cut the hair at the top of the ponytail and keep the hair in a plastic bag to carry around with them. (Yes, I know it’s a gross thought, but that’s also how I kind of feel about guys who have ponytails.) I just feel that the ponytails are unnecessary. They just need to be cut off. You can grow your hair long, but don’t always keep it tied back.

I have even used that notion for myself. If I get to the point where my hair is just so long that I resort to always having to tie it back, then it is time to cut my hair. And it’s not like I have any problem with the ponytail style. I like ponytails. They are a fine style. But if that’s what you do, day after day and you do it because your hair is too long to do anything else (presentable) with, then a ponytail is not an acceptable style to resort to.




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9 04 2009
Ron Huckabee

I like long hair on girls. But only in certain places.

15 03 2010
Uncle Lucius And My Love For Southern Rock « C.A.P.S.love.

[…] with this band is that, I fell madly in love for their drummer, Joshua Greco. Like I have stated in blog posts past, I am a total sucker for huge, poofy Jew Fros, much like the one Mr. Greco was sporting on Friday […]

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