D.C. vs. Baltimore

3 04 2009
Here’s a conversation I had yesterday:  
J: Oh man, D.C. is such a dangerous city to live in. Everywhere I look there is a good looking guy. It’s really bad for me! ha.
S: Well ok, but that could be said about any city…
J: Hmm….well not Baltimore.
S: True. Not Baltimore.

[Disclaimer:  I am not insulting any particular person in Baltimore. Actually, for the record, I know a number of good looking people who live in Baltimore. But since I do not live in that city, I am not exposed to that city’s population nearly as often as I am to Washingtonians.]



2 responses

3 04 2009
Charm-less city

In Baltimore’s defense, I think New Brunswick, NJ isn’t exactly burgeoning with attractive guys either…Or maybe it is and they’re all dressed like Waldo. 🙂

5 04 2009

aww, come on, it’s not funny if you have to put a disclaimer!

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