The Walgreens Nationals?!

2 04 2009

My co-worker came into work this morning, showing off his brand new Washington Nationals Metro Smart Trip card which looks like this:


He showed it to another co-worker who made an excellent observation. The “W” of the Washington Nationals’ logo looks almost identical to the “W” in the Walgreens logo:

walgreens_logoExcept for minor tilting and stretching to the initial letter and a bit of a twirl here and a a flourish there with the serif edge on the left of the “W,” the two letters are eerily similar.  So weird. I think it’s great that my co-worker immediately recognized the Nationals’ logo as the Walgreens’ same typeface. It also makes me think about copyright issues. I wonder what the process was to create the “W” Nationals logo. I never really cared for this logo before, and now whenever I see it, I too, will be thinking of Walgreens. Ha!




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29 05 2009

FYI – this has not gone unnoticed at Walgreens. I work at the headquarters and we look at it as a bit of free advertising. The fact that their stadium parking structure has our W-logo plastered all over it is great for business at our DC area locations – which happens to be a market we’re still expanding in. In fact, within the last couple of years, we’ve actually changed our “morter and pestal” logo that you show away from the one with stars flying out to one with that W prominently in the center.

21 07 2010

I saw a friend wearing a Nationals hat on his facebook page. I asked why he was wearing a Walgreens hat! Ha! Ha!

9 09 2010
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[…] land of Dixie (aka: Alabama) this past weekend, I noticed another similar logo issue to that of the Washington Nationals/Walgreens’ W […]

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