In Like A Lion And Then What?

31 03 2009

I was talking to my brother just the other day about how the weather has all of a sudden warmed up for springtime. We agreed that since our winter was so short, it just seems that whenever we have a warm day, it is just like yet another day of winter. The only difference (between the weather now and that of a few weeks ago) is that according to the calendar, it is after March 20th and thus it is officially springtime. Also, there are plenty of flowers and trees budding, making the once bleak and stripped landscape, now more colorful and lush.

The first thing to catch my attention to the beginning of this  new season was when I drove through Rock Creek Park near the Whitehurst Freeway and noticed the hill full of daffodils. Ever since I can remember, that hill of daffodils has always reminded me that Spring has begun.


Also, it is currently the National Mall’s Cherry Blossom Festival which is getting a lot of attention. I vaguely remember last year’s Cherry Blossoms budding especially late and generally being a bit of a disappointment.  But not so this year. The city is teeming with tourists and I’ve even seen a few ice cream trucks (yes, I know, it is still March)!

It’s just weird that all of a sudden it has hit us that it really is spring with for real spring time weather. (What a concept, I know.)




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8 04 2009
Out like a lamb

Secret post??? Or am I just a lazy reader? 😉

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