30 03 2009

When I think of a bunch of guys hanging out, I think of this:

My brother lives in a group house at school with four other guys and I have visited the place only once, when I helped him move in at the beginning of the school year. The place is a pretty nice wood framed single family house. It’s nothing fancy or special, but it sure does the job right for a home to a bunch of college dudes. I have heard about the parties that my brother and his friends have, and sure, it seems like your average “college party hosted by a bunch of guys.” But I can just imagine when the guys want a night in of drinking amongst themselves (if they do that) then this video is definitely a good representation of what goes down.

Granted, for the counter argument, I bet a lot of guys out there think that a girls’ night in consists of watching a chick flick, eating gallons of ice cream, painting nails and braiding each other’s hair. You know, something along the lines of this:

Well I tell you, all guys out there who think that that is the case, you are wrong. In my experience, a “girls’ night in” for me, has consisted of watching TV (sometimes the Discovery Health channel, usually a show about someone with some bizarre birth defect, or most any reality show on Bravo) or watching a movie, maybe. But not a chick flick. Although, that could just be that I hate chick flicks in general. And I have yet to witness a “girls’ party” where everyone indulges in ice cream and lounges around in sleepwear. I’d say the food of choice is often chips or pretzels. So guys, sorry to ruin all of your fantasies out there.




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