Racist Ad.

28 03 2009

I saw this ad. on the side of a Metro bus yesterday:


Come on folks, “Color is the new white” ?! I know what the jewelers were trying to say, but don’t you think it is an eerie coincidence that this ad is being run in this “new era” where a black man is president and everyone is raving about how we have broken the color barrier? Plus, if you see this ad as hinting at racism, it is even worse, because it says “color” as in “colored people.” Oooh, not good. I can not be the only one who has thought of this.




2 responses

18 08 2009

I think you are a little too sensitive. The VERY FIRST word in the ad is DIAMONDS. Get over yourself…It has NOTHING to do with people and everything to do with DIAMONDS

18 08 2009

woah, calm down. it was all in good humor.

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