Harland Williams at the DC Improv

27 03 2009

I saw Harland Williams at the DC Improv last night and it was a blast. He was so funny. He kept referring to members of the audience by the strangest of nicknames. Actually his random nick naming was sometimes funnier than what he had to say after he called someone in the audience out. Some of his nicknames were:

  • Gorgonzola Willy
  • Pepperjack Jerry
  • Jim Morrison Jr.
  • Captain Fantastic
  • Captain Highliner
  • Tommy Timbertoes
  • “Johnny Cinnamon Wings” (his name for John McCain)

Some of his funnier jokes were:

“Do you think dyslexics call Fudruckers, ‘Mother F*ckers’ ?”

“The only difference between KFC and f*ck is one letter. Their new slogan should be, ‘The only thing we’re missing is U.'”

“Did you know that pumpkins are the only organisms with triangle eyes?”

“Did you know that a rhinoceros is just a big, white trash unicorn?”

He also had a great joke about Barack Obama, saying how he still can’t get over how weird the man’s name is. Harland Williams said, “What if our president’s last name was ‘Oli?’ Than his name would be ‘Barack Oli.’ His name could be broccoli!” So after the show Harland Williams was selling t-shirts with an amazing Barack-Oli image on them:


It was so awesome. He’s preforming at the DC Improv Thursday (3/26, yesterday) through Sunday (3/29) and the tickets are pretty cheap (about $25). I would totally recommend you to go check him out!





One response

4 04 2009

Harland williams was awsome at the improv. Do you remember who opened for him? He was also great, but i can’t remember his name.

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