Gay Population

25 03 2009

I was talking to my dad yesterday about my gay friends. He asked me what percentage of my friends I thought were gay. I guessed somewhere between 25-40% of my friends are gay. (I think my final estimate was a rough 30-35%.)

Then we discussed what we thought the total gay percentage of the country’s population would be. We would include all homosexuals that were both in and out of the closet, bisexuals, transgender/transexuals, and those people who lived their lives as straight people, who may have even married, heterosexually, but inside, were homosexual. I guessed that the country’s population was possibly a quarter gay. My dad guessed around 10%.

I was shocked by his small estimate, and likewise, he was surprised my my larger guess. My dad said that for his generation, being gay was (and still seems) pretty radical. I concluded that in my generation and as of the last decade or so, more and more people have been revealing that they are gay. To me, it almost seems as if “Gay is the new Straight!” I saw a funny South Park episode once, where everyone was becoming gay because it seemed like the hip thing to do; like being gay was a trend. But that just goes to show you how far less extreme being gay in the 21st century has become.




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